Limitless Premium CBD Hemp Bubba Kush Flower Joint Pre Roll


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Each roll contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. Customers can be assured that each and every flower is cured to perfection, hand-trimmed, and thoroughly checked as part of our company’s rigid quality control process.

Joints rolled with Bubba Kush are convenient for those looking for an easy-to-smoke product.

Cannabinoid Content:

Bubba Kush: CBDa – 16.84% ‘ CBD – 0.40%

T2 Hybrid: CBDa – 14.43% ‘ CBD – 1.09%

Siskiyou Gold: CBDa – 9.34% ‘ CBD – 0.55%


Bubba Kush – Bubba Kush hemp flower is known worldwide for its relaxing qualities. With beautiful pine and dark green hues and a deep earthy smell, this dense flower is a treat for all the senses.

T2 Hybrid – T2 is an A grade potent sativa hybrid. Although the exact combination of strains that resulted in this is not known, it is speculated that this strain is the result of crossing OG Kush and Neville’s Wreck.


Bubba Kush – Hybrid

T2 Hybrid – Hybrid


Bubba Kush – Earthy ‘ Deep ‘ Pine

T2 Hybrid – Pine ‘ Fruity ‘ Sour


Bubba Kush – 18.71% CBD

T2 Hybrid – 17.52%


1.5 Grams

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CBD Hemp Bubba Kush Flower Joint Pre Roll